About Stones Forevers

Stone has always been an integral part of the Indian Civilization. May it be the grandeur of the Kashi Vishwanath Temples and architecture made of marbles situated in North India or be it the ecstasy and splendor of the architectural wonder of the world. The Taj Mahal made of Marble situated in India. STONES FOREVERS is a modern stone company located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

It deals in Natural Stones. STONES FOREVERS has an impressive inventory of stones of all types including Marbles, Granites, Sandstones, Slates, Pebbles & Imported Marbles which can be the focal point to add value to your project.

STONES FOREVERS was Established in the year 2008 for quarrying of Indian Green Marbles, Pink Marbles, White Marbles, Granites, Sand Stones, Slates, Pebbles & Imported Marbles  from Udaipur and surrounding areas, from the Indian subcontinent in the form of Blocks, Slabs and Tiles.

The heritage of stones has its roots in ancient India. The finest qualities of Marble are found in the Aravali mountain range which are the oldest mountain ranges of the world. The civilizations have been beautifying this world by carving and using these oldest formations of the world.

The company headed by Mr. KSHITIZ BOLIA and MONICA BOLIA has achieved a high reputation for its quality products and best services. With the company’s excellence in its business, it is going extraordinarily well and is catering to the growing demands for sophisticated and creative architectural structures in the construction industry.

Our organization, we are proud to claim, has an added experience of more than five years in the stone industry. We are well known for the good, abundant and prime quarries of Marbles, we own in various locations in India, the modern techniques we use for processing, and the personal touch we apply, which you will find in our services.

We have a source of deposits that are inexhaustible, a workforce that can move hills with bare hands and mountains with a little bit of tooling, and finally an environment in the Indian Economy of freedom of enterprises.

The quest to explore international horizons for Marble and Granite has been rewarding to us.

STONES FOREVERS is in a unique position to offer exquisitely customized material in a timely manner.