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By Tom O'Meara

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The procedure of overseas repression ended with the autumn of Metternich in 1848. The conflicting beliefs of foreign revolution and collective safety got here into being with Lenin and Wilson in 1918. Nationalism, tempered by means of the stability of energy, ruled Europe within the intervening seventy years.

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During the last decade, many industrialized nations shifted from passive unemployment and welfare profit regimes and conventional lively exertions marketplace and social guidelines to activation innovations by means of making gain receipt conditional upon accepting task bargains or participation in lively exertions industry schemes.

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Ficquelmont and Thun on the Eve of the Revolution 84 IV. The March Revolution in Austria 94 1. March 13, 1848: The Black Day for the Old Order 94 2. The Inglorious Flight of Prince Metternich 101 3. The Revolutionary Crisis in Italy 103 4. The Social Basis of the Revolution in Bohemia 109 V. The Retreat of the Old Order: March-May 1848 116 1. Kolowrat and Ficquelmont 116 2. The Origins of the Social and Nationality Questions 124 VI. The First Center of Counter-Revolution 136 1. Politics and the Army 136 2.

The Thirty Years' War and the European Crisis of the 17th Century explored the connections between Bohemia and the Dutch and English revolutions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Napoleon and the Heart of Europe traced the theided reaction of Bohemian society to the French Revolution and the dictatorship of Napoleon. This book will describe the revolutionary springtime which eventually arrived, full of twists, in Bohemia itself, and it will focus upon two antagonistic social forces: the retreating aristocracy and the proletariat, scarcely aware yet of its identity but already.

Since some of their broadly conceived work is readily available,1 there is no need for me to deal directly with the Hungarian and Transylvanian parts of the Austrian Monarchy in the present study. At the same time, the events in the Page viii Polish part of the Monarchy (Galicia) and the Italian (Lombardy, Venetia, Illyria) are brought in only where necessary. Because the revolutionary struggles of the Hungarian and Italian bourgeoisie reached their climax only in 1849, and because I have come to the conclusion that the fate of the revolution was essentially decided already by December, 1848, I do not go beyond the end of the year.

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