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By C. P. Lewis

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The most recent quantity within the sequence concentrates, as continually, at the part century prior to and the century after 1066, with papers that have many interconnections and diversity throughout other forms of heritage. there's a specific concentrate on church heritage, with contributions on an Anglo-Saxon archiepiscopal handbook, structure and liturgy in post-Conquest Lincolnshire, Anglo-Norman cathedral chapters, and twelfth-century perspectives of the tenth-century monastic reform. different issues thought of comprise social heritage (the Anglo-Norman family), gender (William of Malmesbury's illustration of Bishop Wulfstan of Worcester), and politics (the sheriffs of Northumberland and Cumberland 1170-1185). the amount is finished with articles on Domesday publication and the post-Domesday Evesham Abbey surveys, and a double paper on land tenure and royal patronage. members: STEPHEN BAXTER, JOHN BLAIR, HOWARD CLARKE, TRACEY-ANN COOPER, HUGH DOHERTY, PAUL EVERSON, DAVID STOCKER, KIRSTEN FENTON, VANESSA KING, JOHN MOORE, NICOLA ROBERTSON, DAVID ROFFE

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In a famous passage in Domesday Book and Beyond, Maitland suggested there was a category of property set aside for the use of earls: he called them ‘comital manors’. He reasoned that the enormous wealth of the 13 Vinogradoff, ‘Folkland’, 11. See also P. Vinogradoff, The Growth of the Manor, 2nd edn, London 1911, 142–3, 244–5, 247. 14 F. W. Maitland, Domesday Book and Beyond: Three Essays in the Early History of England, new edn with foreword by J. C. Holt, Cambridge 1987, 244–58; F. M. Stenton, Anglo-Saxon England, 3rd edn, Oxford 1971, 306–12.

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